Flora and Fauna

So ... these pictures are not of Arizona.
Not even close.
These pictures are from our mid-west adventure.
These pictures are of the Dub's backyard.
(So ... it's at an apartment complex, sue me, they still walk out their door and see this.)
I love Arizona ... really I do, but somedays you just want to look at this.
Somedays you just want a little foliage in your life.
But, you know me ... perky as always. If the flora can't come to the front yard, then the fauna will come to the fabric.

Remember these guys? Well, the evolution continues. I grew my own garden with some hand embroidery, finished her up and now she only wants quilting and binding.
I'm tickled pink.

How about you?

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Angy said...

super cute quilt!! i love the little flowers! and you're right... sometimes you do just wanna see some pretty green... anything! not always do you wanna see brown! :P thanks for the pretty pics! :D

P Daddy said...

Pretty pics and lovely quilt. Lucky me, I got/get to see both in person. The trees and rivers and ponds and fall colors were beautiful on the drive across half the county. And while fauna means animals (but maybe there are duck, geese, and squirrel appliques to follow--reflecting the fauna that are abundant next to those trees in the pictures), that was a really clever and alliterative couplet and segue.

Mary said...

Great ... I am just now realizing that PDaddy's tip about "fauna" is a fuzzy fact from fourth or fifth grade. My bad. Can I honestly be expected to store that tidbit of information until now? I know, I know ... PDaddy managed to, but he stores EVERYTHING in that computer of a mind. So ... no unfair comparisons.

Mrs. Dub said...

wow! you make my backyard look so much prettier than it seems from my (albeit super dirty) window.

miss you guys already, but glad you're back to quiltin'!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I just love that my bff is not perfect!!!!!! and all this time I thought she was! I didn't even blink at the flora/fauna thing, but enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL photos! WOW, I have got to come visit! by the way, the quilts are wonderful. Are you coming home???!

steph said...

love it! kudos m2!