"Bountiful" Blessings

So ... you remember this little number?
It now has it's own collection.

I taught the class on Tuesday ... sick as can be ... with no discernable voice ...

And the results were fabulous ... thanks to...

Sandee, who is an experienced sewer and teacher and friend, and served as my "voice" at many points during the class.

Beth, who is also an experienced sewer and first-time-mom-to-be in January. Her belly gave us all good vibes.

And Sue, who is just a newbie among newbies at this and yet look! she kept up with the best of them and did a terrific job.

It was a thrill to see my pattern in different fabrics. (Fyi, Sue and Beth did not pick out their fabrics together. Apparently great minds do think alike.) Also, Sue is planning on putting the borders on the ends instead of the top and bottom and make it into a table runner. I am seriously beginning to question the validity of her "newbie-ness".

Thanks to all. My voice has almost returned. Apologies to those who are a little let down by that last statement.
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Mrs. Dub said...

you're, like, sooo famous!

P Daddy said...

Craftsperson, artist, pattern maker, and teacher...a veritable Quilting Girl Friday!!!! And that Sue does seem to be a clever pupil.