Just the Two of Us

I have discovered what may be the most useful purpose of a blog:
You get to talk to yourself ... and it's perfectly, socially acceptable.
Sort of.

So ... here are some conversations that have taken place in and around my head over the last week:

(Mary to Self:) What the heck happened to all the patterned sheets? Why are so many of them (and by that, I mean ... all the ones at TJ Maxx) in solid colors?

Shortly after Sonny and the Mrs. shipped off to Spain, I soothed my aching heart by giving myself permission (oh yes ... another conversation) to buy brand new sheets for the guest-bedroom bed. I knew I wanted girly-girl floral stuff and (having found nothing at a boffo price that fit the bill at TJM) I found some Shabby Chic ones at Target (see green ones below) -- for bigger bills. But, I wanted some king pillow cases and I wanted a floral skirt and I didn't want to continue to pay the full price at Target. So back to TJM I go and ... hidden in a dark corner with other lonely-hearts-on-sale-for-6-months linens, I found the perfect pillow cases ... encased in plastic with an entire king-sized bed set.

(Mary to Self:) What the heck can I do with the rest of the set? Can I justify buying the whole dang thing just for the pillowcases? The guest-bed is queen, my king bed is in blue (because I love you PDaddy, and because I am adverse to too much pink) and I still need to spend money on the bed skirt.

Ooooohhhh. (Mary and Self jelling as one.) I can use the sheets to make the bedskirt.

When I got home and opened the plastic, I was ecstatic with the sheets. Mostly white, a touch of pink and all in all perfection for $29.00!

Oh ... here's a heads-up on True Confession #4: I am really ... really cheap.

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Leslie said...

i scare myself with the conversations i have with myself late at night at the grocery store. but mine are sometimes out LOUD. yikes.

steph said...

finding deals is my numero uno hobby!

and i definitely have conversations in my head with myself, but these days they're in spanish... only b/c i'm practicing my skills.

fyi: i sound better in my head than out loud.

vintage twist said...

So you talk to yourself too?

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Isn't talking to yourself normal???

P Daddy said...

I don't mean to interrupt your conversation with yourself...you note how considerate I am that way around the house by never listening to you just in case I might be horning in on a monologue. However, thanks for not putting pink flowered sheets on my/our bed. But, you really are clever with sheets though...they've been slip covers (tucked in, not sewn, in our first two apartments), dust ruffles, and even curtains, I think. I always thought they were best suited for tents or drop cloths, but personally I like stripes or solids. Probably why I don't wear a lot of flowered suits or dress shirts.