Collecting My Thoughts ...

True Story:

When Sonny Boy was 4 or 5 and considered PB&J to be a food group, he developed an interesting ... if not annoying habit. I would make him his favorite sandwich, (which had to be cut crosswise -- heaven forbid I should cut it into rectangles) he would take a couple of small bites out of the center ... and then pretty much call it a day. I figured out pretty quickly that he was adverse to the "crusts" as all children are wont to do at some point or another, but he wasn't within miles of the crust. This resulted in a) a waste (something I am adverse to) and b) Sonny Boy being hungry in approximately 14.5 minutes. In not long, the following conversation took place:

Mommie: "Sonny Boy ... why won't you eat the crusts on your sandwich?"

Sonny Boy: "Because ... mmmm..... (long pause) ... because I am starting a crust collection."

I knew immediately I had to take some responsibility for his answer, because I too was a collector. And I still am. I have been thinking of devoting some posts to my collections . . . and yours. Start thinking about it. Be prepared to answer the following questions.

What are your favorite collections and why?
Do you have some collections that were important once and no longer drive you ... but still take up a lot of space?

And most importantly: Do you think Sonny Boy still has his collection stored somewhere in my home?

P.S. It worked! The Clam Dip worked! One day after that post, the temperature dropped almost 20 degrees -- with nary a stormcloud in sight. Ooooh ... I should try and sell my clam dip recipe. Ya think?

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Mrs. Dub said...

My favorite collection is my collection of cute children. So far I only have one, but she is priceless.

My seashell collection, however, is lost ... most likely somewhere in your house. Besides, it's kind of weird to decorate with shells when you're miles from an ocean. (And The Lake doesn't have many shells.)

As for SB's crust collection ... check under the blue and white chairs.

steph said...

sonny boy still likes his sammies cut crosswise...

Crust Collector said...

¿Would you believe that I actually packed my collection and brought it with me to Alicante? I don't think that I will add to the collection much here...they appear to be very proud of their crusts. (And half o the sandwich bread sold here is crust-less...kinda weird. ¿no?) I am now homesick for some PB, which is a rare commodity here. Luckily my wifey already has my diagonal preference down!

Angy said...

so that's where that nickname came from! lol. i was always curious.

P Daddy said...

I wouldn't worry. First SB and his DW worked very hard to clean the house and move their things to storage and I think the crust collection would have been discovered in the process. Furthermore, had it been around in recent years, I am sure it would have found it's way into an Alton Brown stuffing recipe (possible with clams), and doesn't that sound good with the cooler weather your wished here.