Sad + Happy = life, I guess.

So . . . it is actually happening. Sonny-boy and the Mrs. are indeed moving to Spain. Like, next week. Like . . . in three more days. The sudden nature of their departure date surprised no one more than them, and the last few days have been a whirlwind of activity that involves a U-haul, a storage unit and a whole lot of sweating. A lot. Is the garage cleaner than it was? Yes. Does that me happy? Oddly enough . . . no.

What the heck are we supposed to do without them? If I wasn't so dang proud it would indeed be unbearable. The very worst part is that they are not going to be with us at the Beach next week.

They are going to be at the Beach in Alicante, Spain.

So . . . the good news is that we are going to be at the Beach in So Cal. The girls will all be their at differing times with us and the grandkids will never be further than 2 feet from us. Asher, the grand-dog will look on as Miss Dub and l'il Gee swallow copious amounts of sand and squeal with delight. We will very unpatiently await phone calls and emails from the happy/world travelling couple and then we too will squeal with delight.

So . . . we love you . . . brand new little Ess Family. We have every intention of visiting you. And we promise to build a sand castle in your honor.

Complete with superb architectural detail, of course.


steph said...

why in the heck didn't i proof that picture before it was published?! what was i thinking?! oh well, thanks for the sweet tribute. you, too, will be missed (as will the rest of your fam and my fam, of course).

needless to say, we're super stoked and ready to go... and yet, in some ways, not so ready to go b/c there's just never enough time.

Angy said...

that was a super sweet little tribute to the new ess family :) we most definitely will miss them tons!!

Amy G. said...

So much sad and happy all at once. So sad that P Boy and Wifey Babe will not be at the beach with us...so happy that their Spanish adventure is about to begin.

We love you and MISS you already!

steph said...

oh, and thank you for not mentioning that i did not partake in the uhaul driving, storage space packing and all-over sweating... it's slightly embarrassing that i let my m-i-l take my place in the grueling task of moving.

P Daddy said...

Nice tribute. With the gender imbalance, typical of all our family gatherings but increased by Sonny-boy's unexpected absence, Mermaid Marina may be a good nickname for the beach house. Thanks for all that you and Sonny-boy did and that younger Mrs. S (I considered the more politically correct Mrs. B-S but that didn't seem like an improvement) and I did not have to do. Despite her disclaimer, I think young Mrs. S looks typically great in the photo (and would have looked cute with last night's ponytail, too), and Sonny-boy's seeming visual search for divine intervention is typically goofy, but fun. Who'd have ever known that half the photos stored in that armoire would also have the armoire in the background.