Food for Thought

So, I finished the quilt I have been working on for my "great" grand baby and I had an absolutely marvelous time. I vowed that I would only make quilts that are no more than 14 inches square. The quilting was simple and happy, the borders stayed straight and obedient and even hand tacking down the binding was a short and sweet job.

Then I remembered that I was doing this all for a plastic doll. Then . . . I remembered that her "mother" is my beloved Miss Dub, and that upon seeing her "baby's" quilt for the first time, will no doubt try and eat it. Let's face it, there is no greater sign of admiration for great art than trying to immediately take a bite out of it.

So, having justified myself and my efforts that aren't exactly saving the world and curing diseases, I was about to go onto larger efforts when I fell . . . hard and fast . . . for the challenge given to me by Mrs. Gee in her comment. I believe she said, "So when does Asher get his own quilt?"

Asher is my grand-dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy the size of a small horse. Asher is a good dog and an excellent big brother to my grandson Mr. Gee, but if I felt a twinge of guilt over making a quilt for a plastic doll . . . well . . . my grand-dog didn't deserve any less. So, here is the debut of Asher's quilt -- complete with "bone" motif.

As I hand sewed the binding down on that one, I rolled my eyes a little. I've gotta admit I hope he doesn't instantly swallow the whole dang thing.

But I'm certain that in dog years, my quilt will be an heirloom in no time at all.


Mrs. Dub said...

Miss Dub take much offense to you calling her daughter "plastic." But she will love the quilt nonetheless as it's adorable.

And I have a funny feeling that Asher will try to eat his quilt, too!

Leslie said...

wow, i'm so impressed! and miss dub's precious little gem of a quilt is sure to be used for all sorts of her toy best friends for years to come.
as for asher's . . . not so sure about its survivability, but at least it matches the gee's living room. :)

Meg said...

Incredibly funny. Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning. I am addicted to making this "quilties" as I call them. You are right, they are quick, satisfying, and beautiful. Will have to post my latest one this week.

ginny said...

Uh...I questioned whether I should point this out, but I think Mrs. Gee was joking about whether you were going to make a quilt for your Great-granddog--that is, Asher's little stuffed golden retriever which is also named Baby. So you just made a mini-quilt for a dog's chew toy. At least it's really cute. I'm sure no chew toy has ever had it so good.

Mary said...

Ginny is correct. Asher does indeed have his own Baby, and technically . . . yes . . . this quilt would be for him. The chew toy. Not even plastic.

I am not ashamed.

P Daddy said...

I guess those trained in the Socratic method all think linearly, because I, also, was going to point out that the doggy quilt should be for Asher's "baby" rather than for Asher himself. Besides, let's face it, while adquately large to be a quilt for the little stuffed baby dog, this quilt would barely make a hanky for Asher.

But, in fairness, Asher treats his baby stuffed dog deferentially as an animate object, not as a chew toy. Or at least did...he may have gone Black Widow or Oedipus or some kind of eat their young on me. Presuming his still dotes on his "baby", he actually treats his better than Ms. Dub treats hers, though I am not sure he would be as good at feeding it with a bottle.

In any event, I have always been a fan of the mini-quilts, perhaps because they seem to bring great satisfaction to their creator with less interim trauma to the vertebral disks and fewers repetitions of expletive phrases. For years I actually thought that sharp little hook thing was called a damnseamripper. (okay, doubledarn..she doesn't swear). Here's giant praise to the little woman for the little quilts for the little people's littler people. How many grandmas or greatgrandmas would go to that trouble?

Amy G. said...

Oh my goodness! With doing the Smith's Farewell Party invitations, preparing my lesson for Sunday, and getting ready for our favorite cousin to visit, I haven't checked any blogs in the past couple of days! What a delightful surprise for me, Asher, and his puppy. If Asher treats this quilt anything like his "Baby," he will carefully wrap his puppy in it each night, and bring it to me for a washing when it gets "spit up" on. Thanks Grandma Sandie!