How Do I Love Thee . . . ?

So . . . here is my contribution to the *Romantic House Tour. Those members of my family who are reading this may be shaking their heads, and those who are linking here from the tour have only one question, I am sure.
Where the heck is the Pink?
Let's face it, I'm more of a Blue kind of gal.
So I love my living room (above) because . . . well because hardly anyone ever goes in there and it stays really clean. That's why I had the courage this year to make those white slipcovers. Just in case you are thinking I am an experienced slipcover-sewer -- au contraire. These represent one of the hardest months of my life, but I love them. I also love the oil painting that I inherited from my mom. I spend time in this room on the phone to my children. After I have sanitized myself, of course.

These chairs divide my family room from the kitchen and I have always loved them. I made the pillows on them and embroidered the words "Sit" and "Stay". I want to make sure my guests are clear on what I expect of them. The armoire was a purchase from a neighbor who was practically giving it away. Another favorite.

I am a quilter and this quilt in the kitchen is one of my favorites because one of my daughters pieced it out of some scraps. It was years after that when I got into quilting in an obsessive way, but this one seldom does time in the closet with the umpteen others I just rotate. The vintage tablecloth is my most recent find.

Aaaah. The Sewing Room. PDaddy (my husband) refers to it as "The Kingdom". I do love it. Naturally, before I took this picture, I scooted six piles of stuff to the other side of the table and . . . yes . . . I see that I didn't scoot it far enough. It's always covered in scraps and threads and 15 different rulers. This quilt is one I designed and made about a year ago as a class sample in machine applique. It gets a rotation at home for awhile.
So . . . there you have it. Pretty sparse as other homes on this tour go . . . but I like it that way. Thank you Karla, for letting me know about the party.


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Thanks for coming and being a part of our party!

I might steal "the Kingdom" for my studio's new nickname!!

ginny said...

Looks like home--and I want to point out that your home (if not the one table in the sewing room) is always that clean--no prepping for the photo shoot necessary.

I may have pieced that quilt, but as I remember, you were responsible for machine-quilting the beast and then hand binding it. I'm still sorry I up and quit on it.

Mrs. Dub said...

but you overlooked the biggest blue explosion in your house - your dish cabinet.

however, i do believe it is on the verge of collapsing. let's just see there's always a few extra plates for a few hundred extra guests at the Ess house.

great, now i'm homesick.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful "Kingdom"! I'd like to curl up in there with one of your awesome quilts!! Such pretty white furniture in your living room, too. Thanks for sharing!

Angelic Accents

Jennifer Froh said...

Your home is beautiful! and hey, I'm more of a blue kind of gal too!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I love your white slipcovers and your sewing room. Everything is so clean and neat. Don't you just love having a "special room" that stays just perfect!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Mary! Thank you for leaving me a message today on my blog and nice to meet a fellow seamstress! Love your quilts and your sewing room. It is much larger than my sewing "area." LOL about having piles of things..I can sew (ha ha) relate! I've added you to my list for more visits. Your home is lovely!! xo, Becky

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Even though I'm one of those "pink" gals you mentioned, I think your home is quite lovely! It has such a serenity about it!

Stephanie said...

i am extremely impressed with your living room slipcovers. i love the skirts on them.

also, i can attest to your home's cleanliness. it always looks beautiful.

hilari said...

it looks like home to me too. i have always felt comfortable and ready to sit and stay in your home. my goal is to have the same spirit that you have always had - in my home too. thanks second mama.

steph said...

aww... it seems like just yesterday that i called your house home. but i guess that it has only been 6 days. i miss it already!

Angy said...

hahah i was wondering where those pillows came from! they make me laugh everytime i see them :P

Amy G. said...

I have always loved your home and the ever-changing pillow and quilt rotations.

Although I lived in this home for a good many years, it is now my favorite "Home away from Home."

Oh, and if you were to allow Asher up on your blue-flowered chairs, I am sure that he would "Sit" and "Stay!"

Lisa said...

These are beautiful and comfortable looking rooms.

P Daddy said...

While you all get to admire this lovely and inviting home, I get to live in this SimpleHappy home, and, more importantly, I get to live here with her.