Going, going . . . gone.

It's almost over.
You know . . . Summer.
This was a weird year in that we had our "summer" vacation when most of the world was unpacking their sweaters. We came back from vacation and lo and behold . . . it was clear down in the 90's here in the desert! The mornings had a little chill and occasionally the temperature in the house actually went lower than the A/C setting. I started eyeing the fall decorations in the closet, but was wary of those triple digits rearing their ugly heads once again.

I am thankful that our summer went out with a glorious bang. I am thankful that our last memories of summer involved children, grandchildren, sun, sand and thousands of calories of restaurant indulgence. I am thankful that even though Arizona boasted record-breaking heat in umpteen different categories, I lived to tell the tale.

Goodbye Summer. Goodbye blister-inducing-steering-wheel. Good-bye baseball games and barbeques and beach bonfires. Good-bye monsoons and sunburns and pool algae. Some will be missed . . . and some will not. All will be remembered.

P.S. Thanks to PDaddy for the superb pics of a beautiful sunset.
P.P.S For more Summer to Fall transition reading (from a Midwest viewpoint) go here. You won't be sorry.
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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Lovely pictures. The ocean is my favorite place to be on the edge of.....yes, sadly enough, goodbye summer.



P Daddy said...

I'll forgive you for raiding and publicizing the pictures...but keep the faith...if the DBacks hang in there, we can have baseball games for another month.

Mrs. Dub said...

good = beach.

bad = snow.

me = crying soon!

steph said...

oooooooh! love the photos... as you say goodbye to summer, the beach says goodbye to the sun. how lovely!

now, when is pdaddy starting his photo blog?!

Angy said...

those pictures are beautiful... i'm with steph, when is pdaddy starting a photo blog?!

on a sad note, good bye summer :( you will be missed! please make winter go by fast and come back soon!

Amy G. said...

It takes a pretty amazing picture (and of course, photographer) to make a scene more appealing and beautiful in a photo than it did IN PERSON! Thanks for the gorgeous pics, PDaddy, and thanks Mommie for sending a shout out to our favorite three (or FOUR) months of the year!