But . . . Should She Sell Them?

So . . . vacation appears to be over . . . or does it? Here's the question of the day: How can I bring part of that vacation attitude home to stay? How can I conjure up a few sea breezes when I live in the desert? How can I make peace with my vacuum?

Every single time we go to the beach, I go on walks in the morning and collect sea shells. I have purchased just a few (the starfish do not seem to wash up on the So Cal beaches I am walking on) but all the rest have been collected personally by moi. At this point I have them all around the house. There are some that bring back specific memories of specific years. I collect alot of different things, but these are among my favorites.

(My current collection du jour, by the way . . . grandchildren.)

Today there are many, many . . . many things on the "To-Do" list. (Why is it that my mind never focused further than last Saturday while my calendar amassed it's own collection?) I will slap on a smile. I will give it a go. I will vacuum.

But I'll keep coming back to get a whiff of the shells. Because, as you well know, she smells seashells when she can't be at the seashore.

P.S. I am going to a party tomorrow and you all are invited. I'm taking part in a "Romantic House Tour" on this blog. Tune in.
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steph said...

you could do what sonny boy and i have done... move to the beach! seriously, a 10 or 15 minute short walk is far better than a 4 - 8 hour car drive!

Mary said...

Rub it in, why don't ya.

ginny said...

I live 3 miles from the beach (much more than a 10-15 minute walk, but close to a 10-15 minute Vespa ride) and hardly ever go. The beach is nice to live by, but you appreciate it a lot more when you only see it on vacation.

P Daddy said...

We have frequently had that debate--whether the beach is as appreciated when it is available every day as it is on vacation. I think if you are within a 5-10 minute walk, you'll visit it, even as a resident, though not through the adoring haze of vacation eyes. If you are further away, then I think you'll get there almost as often as a visitor as you would as a resident. Same with proximity to family or a popular place to visit. If you are less than an hour drive, then it makes a difference. Once it's over a two-hour drive, it might as well be 7 or 8, and if you're over a day's drive away, it might as well be across an ocean. Although we probably will manage to see the Dubs twice as often as S&P.

Oh, and I think you should smell sea shells, not sell sea shells, unless you can smell the sea and see the shore to be sure you can score more sea shells by the sea shore.

Angy said...

When I lived in Cali, I think I went to the beach twice a year? If that! It was so not worth it for me. It's a much better vacation spot for me than living there.