Requiem to the Dell

So . . . as it turns out . . . my computer hates everybody.

Not just me. And to be perfectly honest with you, that's not making me feel a whole lot better.

So, yesterday morning she . . . pretty much gave it up. Luckily, Sonny Boy was able to get her to cough up enough effort to back everything that hadn't been backed up -- since the last back up. Right now I am using SB's computer (what a swell son that Sonny Boy is) and I can hear PDaddy in the other room, trying to perform a little last ditch CPR. The irony is, we have not one but two computers on their way to us and they should arrive in a couple of weeks.

(Oh dear me. Do you think my old computer knew about the new computers and became a "disgruntled computer"?)

At any rate, for the next few weeks, I will have access to posting, but not neccessarily to my pictures. I know that is boring and I forgive you for taking one peek and moving on. Just don't give up on me. (I am actually going on vacation in a week, so there probably would have been a lull in posts, anyhow.)

But for now, let's take a moment of silence and remember the ol' gal. (She was over 5 years old. That makes dog years look like . . . nothing.) After my recent history of making blankets for inanimate objects . . . I'm feeling a little like maybe I should have made her a quilt.

Maybe then . . . I just might have been her favorite.


steph said...

i think that the quilt could have helped...

Meg said...

I am doubled over. I'm dying laughing. STOP! I can't take this humor. You crack me up.

P Daddy said...

FYI...the new computer is a Dell, too, so you will still be the one for whom the Dell toils. Meanwhile, you don't seem to have missed a beat using SB's instead, which is also a Dell...so you need to be specific when you're giving hell (or last rites) to the Dell.