Call the Cops

So, when I was young . . . oh, so many years ago . . . I had a love/hate relationship with color. Basically, I loved all colors . . . in almost all combinations. But if it was a combination that I felt was wrong, I felt it was reallllyyyy wrong . . . as in against-the-law-wrong.

Chief on the list of taboo color combos was pink and red. I can only guess that my mother (or more likely my older sister) had at one point told me that it was wrong to combine those particular colors and so I found myself trolling the playground for those who would dare to laugh in the face of this law (by wearing an outfit that included both pink and red) and secretly shake my finger at them.

When my oldest daughter was a youngster and became enamored with all things Strawberry Shortcake, it occured to me that maybe . . . just maybe . . . the pink/red thing was one of those laws that had been taken off the books. I found over the years (and particularly where it comes to The Stash) that I not only like that combination, I am actually drawn to it.

FYI . . .during the height of my pink/red aversion, I went to school one day with a white blouse on that had three little triangular flags down the front beside the buttons. One was green, one was blue and one was yellow. Out of nowhere, a girl appeared, pointing in disgust as a crowd began to gather. "That girl is wearing blue and green together!" she cried and the crowd, of course, went along with the fun. I never wore that blouse again. I have forgiven her . . . over time. I just hope she is reading this and inwardly admiring the lovely blue/green stripes pictured above. And to that I have only one word.


ginny said...

Finally! I do indeed remember picking out my own pink and red outfit to wear to school only to have you order me to go change and trying to use the "But Strawberry Shortcake does it" argument on you to no avail.

But come to think of it, back then Strawberry Shortcake also wore a shower-cap bonnet, green and white-striped tights, had unkempt (yet sweet-smelling)hair, and lived in a tree. I'm not so sure why I was taking my fashion cues from her.

Meg said...

Okay, okay I have a confession to make . . . I wear white shoes after Labor Day. Is that daring or what?

steph said...

i don't wear pink and red together... that might be because i don't wear pink at all, but i'll pretend that it's really because i'm afraid of going to fashion jail.

P Daddy said...

I pretty much try to leave pink & red combinations to underpants. I have had red ties and pink shirts and red shirts but never wore them in combination or one item which combined the colors. But I wasn't so much fashion savvy, as it was hard to find Strawberry Shortcake patterns in neckties or button-down oxford cloth shirts. Now I would definitely wear a blue shirt with khaki pants and have many plaid shirts with blue and green (and occasionally yellow), so I think your adolescent fashion Nazi was full of it...alternatively, you might have been wearing red and blue and you weren't fashion blind, she was color blind...in which case she was probably also a boy, and don't you get the last laugh.