shuffling off to buffalo ...

So ... here's a picture of my 3-day-old new walking shoes. "What's the big deal?" you ask with a slightly annoyed edge to your tone. "Because I have walked in them every morning for three days and there is not a drop of blood on them!" This is huge, people. Kind of gross to talk about ... but huge.

I actually had a little photo shoot with my old shoes and judiciously chose not to post the pictures. The heels were shreaded and there were holes in the toes. But I absolutely dread buying new walking shoes because the 'breaking-in process' can be so painful. And bloody.

But there's another reason I have more pep in my step when I go out walking these days. For Mother's Day, the PDaddy gave me an ipod. My very own ipod. (And yes, this is my very first ipod and you can now say in unison [with my children], "Welcome to the 21st Century.") It came loaded with all my favorite friends ... Billy, James, Bruce, Neil, Paul (and Art), Cat, Bing + a plethora of others. (I, like, have so many friends.) Whether I'm walking or sewing, I like to put it on "shuffle" and giddily anticipate the next surprise.

How about you? Who are your friends? Do you like to shuffle them or do you like your friends one at a time?

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Angy said...

i'm still not in the 21st century... no ipod for me yet :o

does that make me friendless?! lol

Mrs. Dub said...

as a fellow ankle-bleeder, i must say that your shoe success is quite notable. i hope to follow in your footsteps (literally) one day.

P Daddy said...

Okay, so if you look closely you'll note that the iPod is a 2nd generation nano that was handed down because a very nice friend who does Apple software development gave me an iPod Touch when I complained about the lack of add on apps for my BlackBerry. But I did spend a lot of time creating her own separate iTunes Library and playlists and syching it to the iPod and did get her a new docking station clock radio for her sewing liar, so I wasn't totally cheap.

But it is the essence of her simplehappyhome-ness that she is as delighted with this hand me down as anyone else would be with the newest, biggest, state of the art toy. And that's just one of the many reasons I love her.