Happy Feet? Eh ... not so much.

So ... I'll just go ahead and say it. I have issues with my feet. Always. Have. And what I really ... really ... need to know is ... do you have any similar issues and if so, what the heck do you do about them? Here goes: I cannot ... repeat cannot, wear a new pair of shoes without "breaking them in." When the PDaddy and I were first married, he found this to be a curious and yet disturbing fact about me because in his entire life, he had always just ... worn ... his new shoes without any angst at all. I have memories of every single new pair of shoes in my life involving Blood, Blisters and always ... always ... Bandaids.

So I wore these tres chic silver flats on some errands on Saturday. They fit, they are comfortable ... and now they have blood on them. I actually started out to take pictures of my heels with bandaids on them, but decided to spare you. I will admit that I was wearing them without socks, but seriously people ... have you read In Style lately? ... celebrities (and all 4 of my daughters) are managing to wear shoes with bare feet with nary a bandaid in sight. Why can't I? Is it too much to ask?

And that's not my only problem. I have problems keeping certain shoes ... on. Like, I slip out of them when I walk in them which makes me look like a four year old wearing her mother's shoes. Take these chic little espadrilles, pictured above. I bought them two years ago and have only worn them once because of the aforementioned problem. It was suggested to me to get Heel Liners, which I did and they didn't work. So recently I bought another pack because ... well, is it possible I didn't attach them at the right place? Help me here, people. I want to wear these shoes this spring.

Speak up I tell you, because if you don't ... I just might post those pictures of my feet and you will regret that, I promise.

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ginger said...

I hate to say it, because I love a cute pair of inexpensive shoes as much as the next gal... but generally, the more expensive, the better they feel with no socks. Of course, a cute little pair of Target flats I have right now is the exception. They never needed breaking in.

I'm a huge fan of the little sock liner things in flesh color... I buy mine at Ann Taylor (or ann taylor loft, I can't remember), which I like to wear with shoes sometimes. People can see them up close, but they aren't noticeable from farther away.

For your heel slipping forward, I suggest getting the toe liners, rather than the heel liners. I find that they keep my foot where it is supposed to be, rather than slipping forward.

My sister has normal width feet, but narrow heels. She has a hard time with shoes too.

Good luck. Those are both really cute shoes!

PamKittyMorning said...

Steve Madden shoes are notorious for sore feet as far as I know. I have a couple of pairs. Its not just my old lady feet because my 21 year old has the same problem. For the heel problem, I often just put one of those pads in the front of my shoe, that look like the ball of your foot, and that pushes your foot towards the heel.

But believe me,I know exactly EXACTLY what you're talking about.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I just thought pain came with beauty...


Never thought I'd be responding about anyone's feet, but here goes...Both shoes shown in pix don't have much cover on top. That's what helps narrow feet stay in shoes. Try something with firmer sides. Canvas stretches and the cute ballet type shoes in your first picture just don't offer enough coverage to keeping thin/skinny feet inside. trust me. I am the Imelda Marcos of blogs. Stay away from stretchy material. Buy something that feels tught if you must go with linen shoes. They Will stretch!

Anyway, other than your feet? I love your blog. You write, I'll read! Thanks

Simply This and That said...

Oh Mary I share your pain. My WHOLE life. ;o) ooxx`jodi