I apparently have a short attention span ...

So ... I got to work on the kit I won over at Miss Rosie's. Fun. Fun. Fun. Two Charm Packs of Patisserie from Fig Tree Quilts, some simple instructions and voila ... Hot Cross (Buns?). The only problem is that after doing a few blocks, I decided that I also wanted to do the same blocks with my own scraps. I had been mulling over the idea of doing something in all neutrals and this seemed like the perfect pattern.

So now I do one block of one and one block of the other one. I swear to you that it makes it move faster than if I was doing them independently. I am almost half way through with the (25 + 25 = 50) blocks that I have to do.

Am I weird??

Before you answer that, reconsider how lucky I was to win this kit in the first place. And then go ahead and tell me that I'm weird. You won't be the first.
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Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

you're only as weird as you think you are? LOL. loving the blocks. ooxxx`jodi

Sherri said...

Love them BOTH!!! Can't wait to see two finishes!

ginny said...

Love it!