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So ... I'm still baking bread. Seriously. It wasn't just a phase. I have made multiple loaves with varying degrees of ground wheat in them, plus one dessert and one batch of hamburger buns. All right ... so the hamburger buns didn't exactly turn out, but that was basically a shaping issue. It was hard to judge the shape of the buns before they rose and so I basically made pita bread. I'm over it.

When I was young ... so many, many years ago ... my mother would often refer to any passing interest of mine as a "phase". For some reason that would hurt my feelings, as if she didn't trust me to stick with something for very long. Like my interest in sewing my own clothes in the seventh grade. And Roger B*.

As an adult, I have had my share of phases. Like macrame. And Shabby Chic. And eating only healthy foods.

I knew that quilting was going to be a major part of my life when I was still at it a year after I first started. Twenty years later I have definitely decided it is not a phase. And I have those same vibes about this bread making thing.

How about you? Dish it up on some of the "phases" in your life. I promise not to laugh ... and (if she were here) neither would my mother.
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Anonymous said...

mmm . . . can I count giving up chocolate as a "phase" if it is done multiple times?
xoxx, R

Kate said...

Sara is all about phases, only we call them her "kicks."

P Daddy said...

I'm always in one or another, but my Chinese cooking phase was probably one of the ones the kids will find most memorable, at least the older ones. Seasoning the woks, and soaking and opening cans of all sorts of weird stuff. And the subsequent Japanese and sushi phase. But I recall them finding most of the resulting product quite edible and they all like Asian food to this day, though Sonny Boy did sour on chicken and rice for a long time after enduring the long Chicken Teriyaki for Sunday dinner phase.

Mrs. Dub said...

Um, I'm currently in a phase where I think about making bread. That's almost like making it, right?

sara said...

Scrapbooking, geneology, exercise... yep I'm a huge phase girl myself!

Karina said...

Why is it that the word "phase" has such a bad tone...isn't it a good thing to be open to all things new and different - we know our favorites will stick it out. How else do we "find" ourselves. I definately remember my mom saying the same thing to me...and I say it to my own daughter now. Maybe I should re-phrase that?