boxes and baskets and bargains, oh my

So ... a couple of weeks ago I was at the Teacher's Meeting, rapidly sewing the binding down on this quilt before they got to my part of sew-and-tell. I had brought with me my "carry-around-hand-sewing-tools" container which had previously held some Cottonelle Wipes. Some good friends sitting near me had the audacity (the audacity, I tell you) to make fun of my container. They are still my friends.


But last week while perusing the cheapo-bins at JoAnns, looking for goodies for Mr. Gee and Miss Dub, I came across this enchanting little box, which ... if it were a bolt of fabric ... I would have snatched up in a heartbeat. The green, the blue ... so me. As you can well imagine, the Cottonelle container has been disposed of.

Oh ... and here is the May block for the Bunny Hill BOM. Such fun I had! But, if it concerns you (as it obviously does me) I will be re-doing the "feelers" to be longer, thinner and in a dark blue instead of black. I'm a little ... tightly wound ... as they say, when it comes to these things.

So there you have it. A very cheap box and a very free block. Don't ever say I'm not looking out for you.
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PamKittyMorning said...


That just made me feel all misty to hear, I haven't called them that in years. Feelers. I love it.

Karina said...

Well - they won't be making fun of you any more - that is one stylish little carry around box. I have one of the plain white ones - had it for years thinking I would embellish it (but decided not too, because paper embellished lunch box is not too practical). I may just have to make a trip out and see if I can find the already pretty one!