Happy Nanny Day to Me

So ... we had some visitors for our Mother's Day Weekend. The Gees gave up lovely SoCal temps to be with us in the 104 degree heat. We couldn't have been more grateful. We had a lovely time talking to the adult Gees (we did talk to you ... right?) but our focus was on the Li'l One ... who is getting bigger by the hour, by the way.

Friday night we took in a D'Backs game. They lost. Get over it. For some reason that didn't seem to matter.

Saturday morning was spent around the pool. Li'l Gee spent most of his time trying to put more water into the pool via squirt guns and watering cans. Just so you know, we did try to stress the no-running-around-the-pool-rule ... and he eventually caught on.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Hall of Flame which turns out to be a very facinating Firefighter Museum with equipment/uniforms dating back 100 years. Li'l Gee is quite fond of all things "Firetruck" and we had a splendid time.

And of course Sunday was the ultimate in Mother's Days what with PDaddy spoiling me rotten and the children spoiling me silly.

Thanks guys ... if it weren't for you, yesterday would have just been another lovely Sunday.

Do tell. How was your Mother's Day weekend? Did it or did it not involve Firetrucks?
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Tara said...

Glad to see your Mom's day was so nice, and who better to spend it with? He is a cutie!!!!

Amy G. said...

Thanks for the wonderful weekend. We couldn't have asked for more fun (or heat), if we tried. Thank you also for being the best Mommy and Nanny in the whole wide world. We love you!

P Daddy said...

Not sure how you got that picture of L'il Gee in the fire outfit when he refused to keep in on for more than a nanosecond. Now sitting in the minature and the full size fire trucks--he was all about that--but not about sitting still, so pictures were still hard to come by.

It was a great weekend and a fitting tribute to the best Mom.