The Real & True Confession

So ... I really didn't want to bore you with the details of the quilting and the pattern-ing and all. Let's just say they are both coming along. While we are anxiously waiting ... how 'bout a new True Confession?

I am really not that fond of Reality TV.

In fact I real-ly don't like it. It's true that I watched a season of Trading Spaces when children #1 & #4 happened to be living at home and were bored as posts. I believe I caught a wee bit of American Idol the first season ... which was that same summer. But that was all about the family togetherness and very little about the reality.

In the last few years I have been strongly encouraged by friends and family alike to watch Project Runway. Eh. Hard to get past the hair. And the extremely large collars. At least in the little bit of last season that I saw, there was a minimum of drama. Meaning ... Scripted Drama.

Which is pretty much what I hate about Reality TV.

However. Recently, PDaddy has become a fan of some reality shows that actually involve ... Real Reality.

First ... Deadliest Catch. The story of those who crab fish for a living and no one can figure out why. It's scary. And wet. And I am pretty sure I could add smelly to the mixture. Next: Ice Road Truckers. The story of those who drive multi-ton vehicles through the ocean ... when it just happens to be frozen on the top part. Again ... don't quite understand the draw of this profession.

After watching a couple of seasons, we have come to the conclusion that even here there appears to be a need to manufacture some of the drama. (Falling through the ice isn't enough? Getting pinched by those scary little claws?) But we have enjoyed it.

The truth is this: There is only one reality show that we both really and truly love and that would be Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. If I didn't already have a funny son who can cook ... I would adopt that Guy Fieri on the spot.

So ... what are your reality faves? Just because I don't like them, doesn't mean I don't want to hear about you.

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steph said...

how can you possibly hate on project runway?! it is the biz-est.

plus, the hills is pretty awesome.

okay, maybe i'm lame.

Gayle said...

I'm an intellectual, read more than watch TV, and am a bit of a"girly girl". I started watching ice road truckers working late at night as a nurse in home care. Now I am into Ice Road Truckers, and Tougher in Alaska. What the attraction is for me I don't know, but I love the guy shows!:)

ginny said...

I am SOOO glad that my beloved Project Runway is back on. I agree that scripted reality is the worse, but that is why Tivo exists--just skip past it. I am an occasional Biggest Loser and AI watcher. I will also catch American Chopper now and then, which I believe #4 in your post made me start watching that same summer.

P Daddy said...

I don't like personal squabbles, backstabbing, nervousness, and half rate talent so that makes most reality TV off limits for me. But another gripe I have about reality TV, even DC and IRT, and all the newsmags, is the use of extensive recaps/replays at the beginning of each episode, at each return from commercial, and even from episode to episode. If L&O or CSI did this, an episode would be 4-6 hours long. In a whole season of AI you get about 2 hours of actual performance and judging and the rest is filler of previous preformances and meaningless jabber. However, I will say that Simon and Ryan are two people with lousy personalities and not much talent who have built amazing empires out of their endless ambition and energy. So props there. But how can you beat Guy Fieri?!!! Maybe he'll wear on me over time like Rachel Ray (though that only took about 2 episodes), but right now I think he's the freshest thing on TV and could do a sitcom or standup and be great.

Kelli and Craig said...

I LOVE pretty much all Reality TV. My faves lately are "Project Runway" and "Shear Genius". But I also loved "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow" and all the ridiculous games they had to play!!

Tara said...

Well, I just attended the American idol concert with my 7 yr old...dear me, if we heard another young gal yell, "David I Love you!!!!!"--it was all clean fun and while I am not a BIG fan at least it is clean tv I can let my little one watch as opposed to a sitcom (and I am only referring to Amer Idol here cuz i agree w/ Pdaddy--too much put down of others stuff on so many of these other shows) Now if only my ears would stop ringing! hee-hee!