Is it for the birds?

So ... I've got nothing to blog about ... except blogging. This morning PDaddy said that he thought it was one of the most wonderful things that had happened to me ... because it makes me so happy. I asked him if he thought maybe I was a tad "obsessed". He politely declined to answer that question ... specifically ... but it's pretty clear that what makes me happy, makes him happy.

This conversation came about, of course, because when I read my daughter, Mrs. Dub's blog today, I determined to make some decorative changes to my own blog. One thing led to another and now I am hoping to clean house just a little ... and maybe even get a new banner.

Which is not solving world hunger.

Is that Okay?
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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Blogging does help me manage my life. I'm not sure why. It helps me be more productive. But yes, my husband complains - "you sew too much!" so maybe I'm more selfish now with my time? I don't know but I like it that way. (see, selfish)

Angy said...

nothing wrong with a lil change :)

P Daddy said...

Change is good. Go for it. Make it the colors of your new B&BW scent bottles--Oh, I guess it already is. Well, then, what about Sedona Red and Sand?

brookegfunk said...

Your whole blog looks like an extension of your style, lovely simple and clean. A new banner could be great I think I need one too!