Once Upon a Time ...

So ... this story could easily be mistaken for one that involves a little blond girl and some porridge, but in my case it involves a larger brunette and her Marshalls. Although I think I would really like some porridge.

The story begins several weeks ago when I needed to go to my Marshalls (aka HomeGoods) to exchange a shirt that PDaddy received for his birthday that was too big. (I also bought myself a sweater ... which fits in later.) When I brought it home, we discovered that the new shirt was ... you guessed it ... too small. Back to my Marshalls I go to get yet a third shirt. It's a little too small again, but we're keeping it. Let's just say that just right is mostly fodder for fairy tales.

In the meantime I discovered that my new sweater was way too much like another sweater I already owned. Back to Marshalls. Ooh ... I could really use some new super-comfortable-but-still-highly-stylish shoes to trek the hills in Seattle. Once home it takes me about 20 minutes to figure out that the super comfortable part is also fodder for fairy tales.

Back to Marshalls.

Having already decided to take only pre-broken-in shoes with me to Seattle, I head straight for the pillows. (Always comfortable ... always.) I find these down-filled beauties. I come home, I put them in the family room. I live happily ever after.

I used to be a person that had a hard time returning things. Apparently not anymore.

How about you? Are you a returner?

Are you as glad as I am that I never saw the same person at the return aisle twice?

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Crust Collector said...

wow, you get spam comments. you're in the big time.

as for me, no, i am not a returner. i hate returning things b/c i always feel like i'm going to hurt the clerk's feelings... like, "what, my product isn't good enough for you?"

so i used to always send my returnable goods w/ my sister who would do the dirty deed for me.

these days, i can return, but i hate, hate, hate doing so. i get a little embarrassed.

P Daddy said...

To Crust Collector, aka Steph, yes looks like someone thought we were going to Vegas, not Seattle. Maybe they're making book on the surgery. That would be a change, Pete Rose, Michael Jordan, and Phil Mickelson invested in what happens to me instead of the other way around (except I've only ever been emotionally invested in the outcome of their games). Anyhow, I'm not a returner either, except of books and electronics and occasionally sporting goods--which I buy more than clothes anyway--but not of more personal stuff. It just stays in the drawer or closet. But it's a reason to love online shopping--returns are so easy--except for the trip to the post office or pakmail. Mary ends up making those trips, too.

But I love the new pillows.

brookegfunk said...

I dont mind returning things but I do not like to buy them and have them be too small...wah waah waaaah

Tara said...

A large 2 story Marshall's opened by me here in NY--of course I was there on opening day!