Bathroom Talk

So ... I have a couple points to touch on today ... and they all involve the bathroom. In a good way. Seriously.

Like this lovely picture of (fake) flowers from my bathroom. I love the white ... and the green. And the ... fresh.

Speaking of fresh, here is my latest acquisition from Bath and Body Works. It's their scent du saison, so I already know it will go away until next summer ... just like my all-time-favorite Dancing Waters did. This one is called rainkissed leaves, and it is just a green version of DW. But there is one little problem. The spray makes me choke. Like ... I have to spray and then hold my breath and then move to a different place before I inhale whatever it is that is floating in the air. All of that involves breaking a sweat, which is immediately counter- productive.

Has anyone else had this problem?

This last tidbit involves Park Tae-hwan from Korea, pictured above. PDaddy and I watched him win the gold in the 400mm freestyle on Saturday night. Before he raced, they told his story:

He was at the 2004 Olympics as a 14 year old. As the race was about to start (also 400mm freestyle) he literally ... jumped the gun. He dove into the pool, prematurely and was immediately disqualified. And then ... then ... he went into the men's room and stayed there for several hours, feeling very humiliated.

I have been there, haven't you? (I was there, as my most angst-ridden teenage moment came in Junior High when I got accidently locked in the restroom and had to scream until someone found a janitor. When I walked out ... a small ... snickering ... crowd had formed.) I did not go on to win a gold medal in Junior High. But I did ... go on. Just like Park.

That's it. Bathroom Talk. Inspiring and sweet smelling.

Just like success.

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Mrs. Dub said...

But did you ever use the bathroom? Just wondering.

Also, I smelled B&BW's Tuberose-something lotion, and I about died. It smelled like grandma (when she was alive). So don't buy that.

brookegfunk said...

I was 'pants' (all the way to the ankles granny panties with lace edges and everything)in junior high I dont think alot of people saw but it was.. shall we say..humbling ...On to smellsI enjoy a candle from anthropologie called volcano - it smells like the store and makes me feel like I could actually shop there.

P Daddy said...

She was so taken by her pathos over the poor 14-year old Korean that she literally willed him to beat the favored American swimmer who is probably now in the bathroom crying his eyes out. Way to go. This is why there is no crying in baseball--you can't let pity get in the way of humiliating the opponent. Not by being a jerk, though you see lots of that too, but by totally defeating the other side and not letting them get back in the game. Teams like San Antonio and Boston in the NBA get this and teams like LA and Phoenix don't. Ditto for Big Eight and SEC teams in football versus PAC 10 teams and Red Sox and Yankees in baseball verus Diamondbacks and Dodgers. Unfortunately, as you can see, I am usually rooting for the good sport, its-only-a-game-wusses instead of the foot-on-their-throat, run-the-score-up teams that win championships. By the way, Park was also the first Korean to win an Olympic swimming gold medal. Go Hyundai!!!