I {heart} a lot of people ...

So ... tomorrow is the big Day O'Looooove. The day to celebrate how much you love your loved ones. (Redundant I admit, now that I see it in print.) I have a lot ... I repeat a LOT ... of ones to love. And I want them all to

Be Mine.

I am just that selfish.

First and foremost ... the PDaddy, always the PDaddy. Secondly ... the four childrens. Next ... the adopted-by-marraige childrens. And of course ... of course ... the grandest of all grandchildrens.

If any of you would like to apply to be my Valentine, just give me a good reason. I'm not above the inclusion of anyone, including total strangers.

Love is a Grand Thing indeed. I wish you Joy and Love on the big day.

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P Daddy said...

Do I have to apply? I have a great deal of very specialized experience particularly adapted to your individual requirements, including successful selection as your Valentine for 36 consecutive years. And I'm not tired of it yet. So how much do I love my loved ones and my loved ONE, especially...well, more than all the bailout plans paid out in dollars and stacked on top of each other.

(Which, according to a little Internet research and calculation would reach just about to the moon--stack of dollars a mile high=approx. $14 million; approx. $3 trillion total of proposed bailouts divided by $14 million=approx. 215,000 miles; distance to moon = approx. 238,000 miles).

So my love for you stretches from here to the moon in bucks. (And, unfortunately, so does the depth of our economic recession and the resulting addition to our national debt). Undoubtedly, our beloved children and grandchildren will wish I hadn't loved you so much, or at least that the bailout/national debt analogy hadn't been so apt. But when they're done paying it off, I'll still love you, even if we're somewhere beyond the moon by then.

Renee said...

I would like to apply - are there sofa buttons in it for me? Such sweet sentiments . . . they humbled me to higher ground for a re-post of blog Valentine's wishes!

xoxx, Renée

Tara said...

Enjoy your V DAY!