Magic Carpet Ride

So ... you probably think I have eked out way too much mileage from the little quilt that I made for my granddog, Asher. (You can already read about it here and here.) Well, the story continues. When I first made that quilt (kind of as a joke, to be perfectly honest) Asher had not yet met his new little brother, Mr Gee, pictured above. He had no clue that the two of them were to become the bestest of best friends. And when I made that quilt I did not realize that it would become a serious security/sleeping blanket for my Asher.

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Gee (who shares his mother's trait of a ducks-in-a-row mentality) took charge of Asher's special quilt (having been washed no less than 927 times at this point) and turned it into a Magic Carpet that one must sit on when one is reading one's books. Turns out there are no exceptions to that new rule.

The good news is that Mr. Gee just loves to read. The bad news is that Asher is feeling a tad ... put upon ... and ekes out whatever time he can share alone with his old friend ... Mr. Que.

So Nanny has come to the rescue and made Mr. Gee his very own Magic Carpet that may or may not be an upcoming 2nd birthday present for him. It's a tad bigger than Asher's and I hope he can feel the same cozy vibes from this new kid on the block.

I am also hoping that the "magic" in his Magic Carpet will fly him over to see me whenever he wants.
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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

What a great idea!!! and one I think I might have to steal!

steph said...

i just love this little magic carpet... and the little boy who goes with it... and the little (er, not so little) pup that goes with him!