Home fires of the Vanity

So ... I actually started out to take pictures of the Kitchen Curtains, but alas it was too late in the day for the light on that end of the room ... and I don't do "flash". So here are some pics of the Family Room ... where we basically spend all of our time while not asleep.

Take note of this vanity table that I inherited from my mom ... who did the swell 70's antique-ing ... in the seventies (duh) when everyone transformed their good wood furniture that way with the same fervor that we quilt or scrapbook. Try not to gasp, but I almost painted this white a few years ago until I remembered that I was way ahead of my time and knew the green would be tres chic.

Oh ... and even though PDaddy continued to love/endure the squirrel lamp with the brown shade ... it absolutely gave me a headache because it eliminated no light. So I'm sorry ... I did some shade switching ... and you must learn to deal with it.

And one more note ... I got my bound sisal rug at Overstock.com for a steal. I'm just sayin'.
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brookegfunk said...

Looks simply fab!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

very nice and I've never even gone on Overstock.com, I see that I have been missing out!

ginny said...

I can't believe what a difference just changing the floors makes. Looks great.