So ... I bought a new lamp. I could not believe what a fantastic find it was.

* Right size. Check.
* Cool suede shade. Check.
* Hip woodsy theme. Check.
* Takes a 3-way bulb. Check.
* On sale for a smokin' deal. Check.

While waiting in line at TJ Maxx, conversing with my fellow line-waiters about how I had the buy of the century, it suddenly dawned on me that there was one small flaw with my new lamp. Because of the brown suede lampshade, I knew that it was not going to emit as much light as it's predecessor. And I worried that PDaddy was going to miss that light because ... well ... I tend to go for a lower-light-ambience than he does.

The first night he didn't notice the lamp or the lack of light. (The blazing light from the Christmas tree from across the room probably helped out.) But sure enough, the next night, the following actual conversation took place:

PDaddy: "Is that a new lamp?"
Me: "Yes ... do you like it?"
PDaddy: "Sure."
Me: "I am well aware that it has one major flaw."
PDaddy: "You mean ... that it's a squirrel?"

I love that man.

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Mrs. Dub said...

What a great lamp for a den!

And for the record, the shade isn't that bad. If you ever need to hide from someone but still read a magazine, it will be perfect.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

very hip, I love it!

Angy said...

lol pdaddy cracks me up! it is super cute tho :)

steph said...

i won't tell a lie - squirrels kind of scare me... just the rabid ones, though.