Always feelin' Blue

So ... here are the kitchen curtains ... in the daylight. My other curtains were very cafe style and these are a little more formal. I like the way the dark of the curtains balances that end of the room. And in answer to some questions that I have had in person:

* No, I did not line them because direct sunlight never hits these windows due to the patio outside ... and ...
* Yes, I can pull them closed to actually serve as a window covering, but I doubt that I ever will. For some reason, the functional part of such things always takes a back seat to the decorative part, in my mind. This mindset played a huge part in the lamp shade debacle of the last couple of weeks.

And no ... I probably won't be learning from that lesson to help me in the future. I'll probably continue to blissfully wing things.

How about you? Function or Decor? Which is the default setting in your brain?

Oh, oh I forgot to mention that I have been tagged by my all-time favorite daughter-in-law. (Look at that face and admit it's pure heaven.) I am too old to have eight choices for anything, so I'll wing this as follows:

* Favorite TV shows: 30 Rock, The Office, Chuck, House and my new fave, The Mentalist.
* Things I did yesterday: Went to my Institute Class, picked out fabric for my next project and talked to my sis who is home from the hospital after 2 nasty weeks.
* Things I look forward to: Seeing my children, seeing my grandchildren, and time with the PDaddy.
* Favorite Restaurants: Wahoo's Fish Tacos in Southern Cal
* Things on my Wish List: Trips to So Cal, Chi-Town and the Big Apple

Thanks my Steffa-Effa. Miss Mary Mack adores you.
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brookegfunk said...

I pretty much adore the curtains and am obsessed with 30 Rock- are we mind twins?

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

LOVED the curtains. perfect! I was so impressed at the way you put everytning together when I got to see first hand your beautiful home! You are one amazing gal-friend! XO