a pirate's life fer me

So ... my rearranging/decorating a go-go extended to many different rooms in the house. Take this guest bathroom for instance. It was the recipient of a new floor and a new rug, but then I started gathering what turned out to be a plethora of sailing memorabilia and put it all together in this teeny-weeny room.

The framed pictures have not been seen on my walls since we lived in the Speilberg House* but I uncovered them in an upstairs closet. The middle platter on the wall was last seen above my kitchen table, and I don't know where the heck that top plate came from, but apparently I own it.

My little sailor friend is part of my nesting doll collection ... and yes ... that sailor houses two more sailors inside of him. I am pretty certain that I have felt a wee bit of the scurvy while sitting in that room.

And I mean that in a good way.

*For six years in the 80's, we lived in the home that Steven Speilberg grew up in. Someday I will tell the tales from that adventure.
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sara said...

It was always a claim to fame of mine that I had a friend who lived in Steven Speilberg's house! I would've thought it was longer than 6 years. The bathroom looks great; love the theme!

brookegfunk said...

I cant wait to shiver me timbers in that room!....whatever that means....

P Daddy said...

Brookegfunk--Try a few weeks of chemo and you'll know all about shivering your timbers in that room. And with the wood floor your hubbie installed and the wife's nautical redo, it's all about timbers.