Me? I wanna hoola-hoop.

So ... while the rest of the world is stringing popcorn and making cider ... I'll be sewing new kitchen curtains. It's okay ... really ... 'cause I'm quite excited about my new kitchen curtains. (See KC fabric, above.) And it's not like I'm missing out on any Christmas Spirit in the meantime. I am oozing with Christmas Spirit.

After all ... I have this basket of inspiration that pretty much smells like cider. And this weekend we put all the outside lights up, which includes a lighted tree that is right out of our family room window. So we get to absorb it's beauty in an inside-out kind of way. We also went to the ward (church) party on Friday night where we witnessed (among other wonderful things) 3 grown men dance around and lip-sync to "Alvin and the Chipmunks". I had a moment as I witnessed that where I thought ... "there is no other place in the world that I would rather be right now than here."

And that's some mighty Christmas Spirit.

Also ... and you may need to sit down for this one ... I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. Seriously. I am totally on top of it. Wrapping? Eh ... not so much. No probolemo though. I'll get to it right after that other well-known Holiday tradition.

Making kitchen curtains.

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Sherri said...

The kitchen curtain fabric is lovely! How great that you're well-enough ahead on Christmas preparations that you can spend the time to make the curtains!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

LOVE your fabric!

salmagundi said...

I've always loved to make curtains - must have made a million of them over 50 years of marriage. They add the personal touch to any room, and give me a sense of accomplishment with a little effort. Hope you enjoy the process, also. Sally

Simply This and That said...

Loving the fabric! Alivn and the Chipmunks ehy? LOL. We were treated to men doing synchronized swimming on the stage behind a blue tarp, at our Christmas Luau! Way fun! Happy Holidays Blog Friend! ooxx`jodi