~ A Touch of Femininity ~

So ... just to show you that, although I don't listen to others as much as I should, I do indeed listen to myself. (Trust me, that's a lot of listening.) After I posted here about how odd it was that I decorated my room in such a masculine manner, I began to feel ... well, odd ... about that. Little by little I began to make some changes. I bought some new sheets that added a classic, femine pattern to the mix and exchanged some pillows with the family room.

I put plates on the wall that added some girly-girl-curly-que.

Last, but not least ... some flowers. Yes, they are fake but they still do the trick.

And we can't talk femininity without a look at the Dubster Three. I'm beginning to think that the BIG sisters are pretty fond
of the L'IL one.

I'm loving the new changes. Especially that one in the last picture.

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