Nanny X 5 !!!

So ... She. Is. Here. Miss Dub3 arrived on Friday, August 12th (8/12) at 3 minutes before noon. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces (also 8/12 ... how cool is that?) and measured 21 inches long. She incurred a few battle scars as a result of her "sunny-side-up" delivery but has healed like a champ and is actually opening her eyes on a regular basis.

Oh how we love this precious little Dubster.

Holding her feels pretty close to Heaven.

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Leslie said...

Thank you for posting a photo! Stephanie told me the happy news and I just knew you would have a picture! Tell the dubs congrats from me!

stephanie said...

Hooray! So happy to hear this good news. Give mrs. Dub my love!

Anonymous said...

She's a cutie! What a joy to be a grandma to 5 darling kiddos.

Cassy said...

She's so cute and adorable.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons