The newest member of the fam ...

So ... I fooled you didn't I? You thought I was breaking news about Mrs. Dub's impending birth. I really hope that you realized that the picture was not of her darling daughter (to be.) So cute, but not in a Dubbish kind of way.

Nope ... this little guy is the son of Ms. Gee ... aka Riley Noehren. His name is Morrissey. He is a French Bulldog. I am head over heels in love with him.

Ms. Gee is also in love with him, just as she used to be in love with sleeping through the night and having clean floors. Ah ... the life of a new mom.

I will keep you posted on that other delivery.

Seriously ... how cute is he???

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sara said...

What a cutie! Tell Ms. Gee hi for me.

ginny said...

Hi Sara!

He IS cute, and spunky (sometimes too spunky). Wish me luck tonight as I address those long nails (claws, really) that he's sporting in the picture. So far he's been really easygoing about grooming issues, but I'm sure he has his limit...