~ My Morning Walk ~

So ... my morning walk usually involves this view. (Except that I rarely have these delightful 4 year old grandkids in the picture which is just the biggest shame of all!!) Not too shabby. Also keep in mind that while I'm walking it's in the mid 60's. Farenheit.

I have decided to change my route on Saturday mornings. It took me a couple of tries to find the perfect beach walking path, but I'm pretty certain that these views meet a certain standard of perfection.

I was quite enamored with this touch of green among the sea/sand/sky.

I'm just loving my Saturday morning walks. Want to join me??

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condo for sale Philippines said...

Yeah you’re right it was simple yet happy. I was really amazed with the beach and its panoramic view. I am imagining my self running or walking in the seashore with my love one. Big thanks.

Charles A