Good Morning New York!

So ... along with being a shout-out to Sonny Boy and the Mrs. who have a *New York Sunrise* in their life every single day, I just wanted to show you that procrastination didn't exactly pay, but it did eventually pay off. Remember how I put myself under the gun and full of stress when I made a last minute decision to make this New York Beauty quilt to teach? Well, I finished it in time and I must say I'm tickled pink about it.

The pattern is my own but was inspired (as was the quilting) by several quilts I saw in Radiant New York Beauties by Valorie Wells. I'll be teaching *New York Sunrise* in August at Bernina Connection. It's on a Saturday, so I know you all can be there.

You heard me. Be there.
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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...


Mrs. Dub said...

oooh ... me likey. but your reference to nyc made me want you to do some state quilts with different squares with cute depictions of local things, but in unexpected colors. (pink cactus, blue city skylines, etc.) or brown snow for Illinois, because it's a real pooper sometimes.

i'm officially rambling.

carry on.