A Pile of Pink Procrastination

So ... I have finally sewn something to blog about (I have actually been sewing my brains out, but I'm not ready to blog about that stuff quite yet) but it comes with a cautionary tale attached. Yesterday morning, while on the treadmill, I started thinking about what I would present that evening at the Teacher's Meeting at Bernina Connection. Most of the classes I teach are "Basics" and I repeat them each time ... hence no need to do anything but paperwork before the aforementioned meeting. However, it's nice to have something new and normally I would have been planning it for at least a couple of months ... or at worst a couple of weeks.

While thinking about it yesterday morning, I realized I had approximately 6.78 hours to plan, prepare and 'patch', that is if I chose not to eat, shower or use the facilities during that block of time. Despite those unpleasant odds, I still decided to go ahead and "whip up" as much as I could, knowing I do have a couple more weeks to actually turn the sample in.

It took me a couple of hours to pick and draft the pattern that I wanted and another couple to make this one measly block. I have a vague idea what it is I will do when other blocks of a similar nature are added to it, a point I was able to bluff my way around while showing off my pseudo-sample at the meeting.

I will say that my pinks and greens drew some oohs and aahs. I was also chided by a few close friends who held completed samples. I vowed (in my head ... not in public) to finish this one with flare and then go on to learn my lesson.

But you've got to admit that the pinks and greens and ... dots ... do make up for a multitude of personal shortcomings.

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ginger said...

Gorgeous! I love NY Beauty blocks!

Mrs. Dub said...

Chiders be darned! The most creative (and fun to be around) are always procrastinators. At least that's what I tell myself ...

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Pam said...

I love it! Are you teaching it soon? What is it going to be when it grows up?

Mary said...

It will be a (relatively small) quilt with "New York Beauty" blocks in it ... And that's all I know for sure now. Oh yes ... It will be called "New York Beautiful".

The end.