A Whale of a Good Time

So ... yesterday afternoon I did something I had been excitedly thinking about for a couple of weeks. I wandered up to my local Cinema and spent 1.5 glorious hours in a trance as I watch the aforementioned documentary. I was mesmerized as I believe the other two people in the theatre were also.

I love, love, love everything to do with the ocean and to see it all on the big screen was absolutely a thrill to me. My favorites, of course, were the whales, but there was nary a creature I didn't feel absolutely facinated by.

There is only a short message at the end regarding the obvious (but unheeded) call to quit throwing your trash in the ocean people, a point already beautifully well made by then.

See. This. Movie. Then go to the beach (with a trash bag in tow) and see it for yourself.
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Angy said...

Oh I'm so glad it was good! I've been wanting to see this!! I'm hoping they show lots of sharks... as those are my faves :D

Heather K said...

I took 40 1st graders to see it!! It was great and all the kids were intranced the whole time. Glad you enjoyed it.