Would you get married in these pillows?

So ... the other day I was applying (as in applique-ing) the umpteenth leaf to a new quilt I was working on, when I had the following epiphany:

"Why the heck do I keep cutting up my fabrics into these teeny-weeny pieces? Is it possible to sew with ... larger .... more visible ... pieces of fabric? Is it?

So I immediately dropped what I was doing (oh, I have every intention of going back to it ... don't you worry your pretty little heads) and made these pillow slipcovers to brighten up my family room. I loved every minute of it. I love the red and I love the green.

Then today while browsing through my local Stein-Mart, I came across these more-than-charming flip-flops that have a similar red/green thing going for them. They were on sale but when I got to the check out, they apparently were on sale for even more. As in Five dollars and thirty-two cents (including tax.) More love was infused into the atmosphere.

Then ... when I went upstairs to start on yet another non-quilting project, I was an hour into it before I realized that once again I was working the red/green thing. Weird.

And then I remembered that 34 years ago this very summer ... as I was planning my wedding and sewing bridesmaid's dresses, I was indeed working with this same combo. (The bridesmaids wore red/white and the mom's wore green.) I referred to these colors for my August wedding as "apple red and apple green". Let's face it, I was way ahead of my time. Every other bride I knew was dressing her friends in taupey-pinks.

So ... fess up. What were your wedding colors? Go on ... give us the year so we can put in into perspective. And ... If I was doing it over again, should my bridesmaids wear these to-die-for flip-flops?

I am thinking so.
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brookegfunk said...

Purple ,Yellow and Lime-and like you I still love my colors they were bright and festive and it was a great wedding!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

My wedding colors were also Red and Green, only becouse it was around Christmas time. I LOVE your pillows!!!!!

stephanie said...

2001, white. i have very simple taste, i guess.

steph said...

love the flip flops and the pillow covers. you are quite a talent.

black and hot pink! and it was the best wedding ever!