Show and Tell

So ... enough already with the ... color scheme ... of the last few posts, here's a brand new theme that has emerged in my home over the last decade or more.

Dots. Polka Dots. I love 'em, love 'em ... love 'em!

The above picture is from some pillows on my bed made however many years ago. This same dotty fabric also showed up here around the same time.

This lovely dish was essentially a gift from Sonny-Boy on Mother's Day ... ooh ... a lot of years ago. The best part of the gift was this: He took me to a Paint-your-own-Pottery Place where I painted this platter and as I recall he painted a mug with flames on it. So I not only got this gift, but the chance to spend the afternoon with my Sonny-Boy. It just doesn't get better than that!

These dotty towels are my latest aquisition, purchased a couple of weeks ago on sale at my Marshalls. The dotty plate is actually hanging above them. It was the hanging of the towels that caused me to ponder on this polka-dot theme and start taking pictures.

Last but not least are these very favorite kitchen curtains made of ... what else ... Dotted Swiss. (These are the bottom half --cafe -style ... the top parts are blue and white striped. Duh.) These curtains have hung in my kitchen for over 15 years. Every time I think of changing them, I don't because I just love them too dang much.

In keeping with the theme I will tell you that as a young child, my very bestest friend, Dianna S* had a stack of 45's that we used to play, and my all time favorite was "Beer Barrel Polka". Who knew that choice would have such lasting influence on me.

And ... thank goodness it was the "polka" part and not the "beer" part.

So ... look around your home. What themes manifest themselves in your home that you didn't realize at the time? Do Tell. And feel free to make reference to Show them.
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steph said...

themes? hmmm... lots of white, which is super weird b/c i'm not super into white... and that muted green, and again, i'm not really into that color. but it all looks awesome together, so whatevs.

oh, but the BIGGEST theme? ikea furniture. does that count?

Mrs. Dub said...

i went through a phase of a lot of chartreuse and chocolate brown combos. i'm trying to break out of that. right now, i'm really feeling cottage tones, but my house hasn't caught up with me yet.

our theme for now is apartment, but i hope to have a much better theme once i move into a house and feel like i can actually decorate.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...


stephanie said...

i love dotted swiss. it's my most favorite fabric.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I was just reading your blog as you commented on mine. Funny. I love your comments about the quilt magazines. They don't often feature fabric you can't buy and that is frustrating to me. Aren't women creative enough to take a pattern and make it their own? I say yes and the comments I have recieved agree. I have had a baby quilt that I sent to Fons and Porter almost 10 months ago and they can't decide if they want to publish it or not because "the fabric used it not available currently" My gosh! That is the criteria for patterns and quilts now? I don't get it. It is so frustrating to me. I like vintage quilts by McCalls I think because it is all old fabric and I wish they would publish it regularly. Thank you for expressing my feelings exactly!!

I love polka dots. Dishes and fabric are both like art to me.