A Chair by any other Name ...

So ... let it be known that I like my name. Mary. It can't get much more simple (or happy) than that. I have always liked it. And ... contrary to popular belief, I was the only Mary in school growing up. There were plenty of Mary Anns and Mary Janes, but only one ... me.

So what does my name have to do with this chair? I'll tell you. The pettipoint on this chair was done by my father's first wife who died shortly before he met my mother. I was 6 or 7 before I knew she existed, and frankly ... the fact that she had existed, gave me pause. We really didn't talk about her much, except the fact that she had made this chair and that her name was ... Mary.

So whenever I see this chair in the corner of my living room, I lovingly think about ... my mom. You see, my mom naturally felt a little intimidated by this Mary, and yet she very lovingly agreed to name me that. My mom was quite a woman. For that reason I named this daughter after her.

So, tell me. Do you like your name? Does it have a story?

'Cause it's story time.

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Angy said...

wow. that's a good name story. all i got was that my dad couldn't pick a name and mom started listing names in a baby book and he had enough at angela lol.

i did however get my gma's name altered a bit as a middle name (gma = hazel, my middle name = haze). this is a much better story :P

stephanie said...

i'm neutral on my name. but i love that it is also my mom's middle name.

love that chair, btw!

brookegfunk said...

My name is my mothers middle name and my middle is a rif in my dads middle- Brooke Glena - I like it -nobody else had it growing up and I wanted my kids to have names that werent super common- cool chair and Im not surprised that yer Mom was 'quite a woman ' cuz you are too!

ginny said...

Well, I would tell my name story, but I guess you already did that for me.

I never knew the story behind that chair before, though. Although I'm guessing it wasn't white when you inherited it?

Melissa said...

my mom wanted to name me Alyssaman, after her grandmother...but when it came time to tell the doctor's my name...thanks to the epidural (and 38 hours of labor) she couldnt get that name out...all she could get out was Melissa....so YAY for epidurals!

i like melissa....MUCH more than i would have liked Alyssaman

sara said...

When there were 3 Sara(h)'s in my 2nd grade class, I decided right then and there that I'd go by Liz when I grew up (middle name Elizabeth). I'm so glad I didn't! I love Sara for the same reasons you love Mary (which I also love; my Molly was a toss-up between Molly & Mary) and although I know it's common, my 2nd grade class was certainly an anomaly because I have only known one other Sara(h) as an adult! What a neat chair & story.

P.S. I bought a PedEgg and love it!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hi Mary, first of all thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. My mom was also quite a woman hence the name Freda's Hive. Anyway I am the 5th daughter. My dad really wanted a son and by his 3rd daughter he sorta gave up and they named her Paula for him, he's Paul. Then came Michelle. My mom had picked out the name Rochelle for me and all my sisters were ready for "Roshelle" to come home from the hospital They are all 8 years or older than me. Anyway when my mom brought home Nanette (I don't know where she got it) they were mad! They were so upset that she had named me something different without consulting them. I didn't used to like my name but I have grown to love it. I think since my mother picked my name out it is very special and thats how I look at it. Thanks for letting me talk about this Mary.

Tara said...


Love the chair first of all! And I do love my name. When I was going to school I was the only tara around and people just rememebered it and me. My children have unusual Irish namaes and they love them!