'cause there's no room on the little table for a big vase ...

So ... I am sending the above-pictured and afore-posted flowers to PDaddy as he recuperates from some annoying complications ... to other annoying complications.

This is also to explain my recent hiatus from the blogosphere and possible future gaps as well. Nothing like a good excuse than spans the globe.

So ... PDaddy is "da bomb" (thank you DIL steffa) and weathers these storms with humor and grace. Nurses cry when he switches floors and everyone wonders if he is a doctor because of his wealth of knowledge.

However ... amazing as he is (and he is) ... neither of us can chalk up all of our blessings to his good looks and my natural charm. You see we have even more amazing Family and Friends. Family and Friends who pray for us daily and constantly show their concern in fabulous, practical ways.

Thank you Family. Thank you Friends. And thanks in advance to all my Bloggy Friends all who will no doubt put a little PDaddy in their hearts as well.

We are fine. We have watched a lot of World Cup Soccer and Discovery Channel Space Program Documentary. We have eaten a lot of hospital food and lived to tell the tale.

But, thanks for asking.
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Angy said...

i've been thinking a lot about pdaddy lately :( i hope he's doing ok. please give him a big hug from me :)

Leslie said...

our prayers are with you both. i hope you can feel them tossed up onto the large mountain of prayers already there. :)

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Our prayers are always done with the Family Sandersons included, especailly right now. And, we watched the whole disney space program too! Great minds as they say...... XOXO MUCH!!!!!!

P Daddy said...

Thanks to all for flowers, visits, cards, prayers, blessings, wishes, and just thinking good thoughts. And thanks for supporting my dear wife who has been such a champion through all of this, much of which is more demanding physically and emotionally on her than me. Guess the big challenge wasn't enough or the health goblins thought we were getting complacent or bored and needed some interim challenges. Well, we're now fully engaged and totally entertained and ready to get through these detours and and back on the road.

Kelli and Craig said...

I love you both!!! You ae always in my prayers as well!!