thanks a bunch!

So ... I had a fabulous birthday and I have all of you to thank ... along with a kajillion other people.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks to my friend Jane who gave me these spectacular flowers (along with a basket of healthy goodies to consume while surrounded by hospital food ... which is not neccessarily healthy btw.)

Thanks to Sonny Boy and the Mrs. who came bearing gifts. The biggest gift of all was seeing SB with his newly shaved head as a token of solidarity with his PDaddy. So ... that one made me cry.

Thanks to children, husbands, grandkids and friends who gave nary a single mention to the numbers that don't bother me ... but bother me less when they are not mentioned.

You know ... I do believe I have too many blessings, friends and family members to mention. So let just ask one last question ...

What kind of flowers are these? Are they, like, so spectacular?

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Angy said...

so, i'm really bad at knowing names of flowers... lets just go with... beautiful! :)

glad to hear you had such a great birthday!! :)

P Daddy said...

I don't know flowers, but I am good at Internet research. I think they're Doronicum Finesse, commonly called Leopard's Bane. Now will you limit your thanks to husband (singular) instead of husbands (plural), so I don't end up back in the hospital with that terrible food?