Ummm ... Tasty!

So ... you may be wondering why I am showing this ... uncharacteristically brown quilt ... in the middle of Spring. Oh ... there's a reason all right and it has nothing to do with lowering the triple digit temperatures around here. ( Which are going to be in the 70s by tomorrow, btw.)

No, I am showing off this little number (made about a year and a half ago in a "Jo's Little Women" class ... so much fun, but ... I digress) because I was looking for something on a quilt that resembled ...

... a crow. Yes, folks you are looking at my diet for today. Crow ... eating crow ... lots of ... crow.

You see, over the weekend I visited this charming blog and entered a lovely giveway. Truth be told, I enter a lot of these things, and having never actually won in the past, (and in the midst of finishing "the samples") I totally forgot about this. I also have two different email addresses and don't always check the one connected with my blog.

And let's not overlook the fact that I'm an idiot.

Because, guess what!? I won! Yes, I won the giveway ... on Monday. Today is Thursday and lovely Jodi tracked me down because she is apparently quite tenacious ... and forgiving.

Thank you Jodi. I am grateful. I am excited.

And I am, most definitely ... humble. Do you think if I ate some humble pie, it might taste a little better than crow?
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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Yeah for your winning! (I know, I always forget to check back to see if I ever win....)XOXO