Split Personality

So ... I am still basking in the enormity and lovliness of my gift ... and let's not forget how people are all jealous of me. I am really basking in that. Left with nothing exciting to blog about I turn to this apron, hanging on the door of my sewing room. Perhaps it is reminding me that I should cook more.

Nah ... I don't think so.

I made my apron shortly after Miss Dub was born, while awaiting the arrival of Li'l Gee. It gets me thinking about how if I really ... truly ... know best, how come Grandma's Grandkids don't live closer to me? Is there something I don't know?

And here's another question: Are there any sewer/quilter/crafter people out there who really like to cook and do it a lot? My mind can't seem to handle both. If yours can ... do tell me your secrets.
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Jessi said...

I like to do both, but here is my secret: The days I sew, I do not cook. The days I cook, I do not sew. (And the days I am a really good Mom I don't cook or sew.)

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

you already know....

brookegfunk said...

Today I made chocolate chip meringues and I am currently trying to sew a Princess apron and I am also currently doing a pretty bad job at it. Oh, well , straight sewing lines are for suckers right? My meringues were not crisp and light but a little under done and gooey but- I liked 'em so I guess thats all that matters....Now learning to like this lame-o apron.

P Daddy said...

My secret is I can think of something more fun to do with that apron that hang it on a door.

Personally, I'm all about cooking and not about quilting so how about if you quilt and I'll cook. Or you could cook pigs in a blanket, lasagna with pasta sheets, quilted foil packets, string beans, string cheese, string pie, pilaf with saffron threads, something with cheese cloth, Asian dumplings, or just start sewing feedsack or recipe quilts.

After that comment I suppose the apron ain't comin' off the door anytime soon.

steph said...

secrets, me?! no way, i'm pretty much an open book.

except... when i was 8ish, i washed my hair with baby oil b/c someone left it in the bath tub, so i thought that was how she got her hair to look so pretty... boy was i wrong.

the next day in school, i kept putting my head in the drinking fountain, so that people just thought that i was hot and kept wetting my hair... it was better than explaining that i was dumb and put baby oil in my hair.