Thing One & Thing Two

So ... I spent about 10 hours yesterday, helping out at a Bernina Event. At this store. It was all about Machine Embroidery. Which I have the ability to do, but don't do very often. (Which I did do on this pillow a couple of years ago.)

I learned two things:

The first thing I learned was that I really should do embroidery on my sewing maching more often. Not every minute ... just more often. And the second thing?

That I am way too old to be on my feet for 10 hours. End of story.
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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Cute pillow, and yes, our feet are no longer 10 hour friendly. Oh well......XOXO

ginny said...

You SHOULD do more embroidery, but maybe stay away from the Looney Tunes themed stuff. And nobody should be on their feet for 10 hours.

brookegfunk said...

First of all do you need a foot rub? Secondly I think you should embroider more but like Ginny said some things just shouldnt be embroidered. In fact I think a their are people who could use a 12 step program for their addiction.

brookegfunk said...

grammer and spell check anyone??