simply happy

So ... I finally, finally finished both of the samples I have been working on for ... forever!! All I can say is that I am simply happy to be done. I purposely made the two samples to compliment each other, even though they are for two totally separate classes. In the process I discovered a couple of things:

A* I would have probably enjoyed the process more if the second quilt had included new colors and fabrics ... I just plain would have enjoyed the change in scenery and the chance to play in the stash more.

B* I apologize to Mrs. Dub for having to drop a few too many of her glorious details, but I thank her for the inspiration.

C* I am simply happy to be done.

D* Ummm ... I'm still mad about Jim and Pam.

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steph said...

the quilt is AWESOME! i think it totally resembles mrs. dub's drawing -- kudos.

i, too, am still mad about jim & pam!

brookegfunk said...

I too am annoyed at Jim and Pam but they never return my e-mails or faxes or letters or candygrams so what am I supposed to do? Stalk them ?!? Oh, and the quilt is super cute!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Very sweet! Love the colors!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Very sweet! Love the colors!

Mrs. Dub said...

even though it feels like back-door bragging, i must say that is my favorite quilt of yours. it reminds me of a children book illustration. as for jim and pam, i can't say i'm so pleased.

ginny said...

I love the quilt, and the last one, too.

As for PB&J, I read your blog before I watched the episode, which was a good thing. After everyone's comments, I was expecting a full-on PB&J blow-up instead of Andy stealing the scene.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I finally watched the office last night, and I too, like Pdaddy KNEW that things would not work out for Jim to ask Pam, they gave so many circumstances for his plan to go array, and as soon as "whats his face" got up, I knew what was going to happen. But what about the very ending?!!!! seedy and I love it. BTW FABULOUS quilt!

hilari said...

love the quilt master quilter. i am thankful for that time you taught me to sew. that was nice.

P Daddy said...

I love all your quilts. You have such a good eye for color and fabric. Even though I know you were disappointed in the result, I think the applique quilt both carries the look and spirit of Mrs. Dub's years ago drawing, and has a real freshness and originality. And I don't even like fabric or quilting generally. But I do love me a particular little quilter.