Speed Eating, the new Olympic sport

So ... just today a friend of mine came over ... for no particular reason at all ... and gave me the above gift. This lovely creature is actually more of a daughter (in fact I like to think I had major influence in raising her), but if I say "friend" then I appear to be much younger than I am. So ... I am going with "friend".

I would also like to say that I saved the above pictured gift and thought about it all day long while I toiled away furiously and built up an appetite for such a rich, gooey, scrumptious, treat.

Naw ... I downed that sucker in about 90 seconds flat.

But my gratitude has lasted all ... day ... long. Thank you my scrumptious friend.

So here's to friends ... and to Sprinkles which opened its first store in the Phoenix metropolitan area today.

Long live cupcakes.

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P Daddy said...

No bystanders were injured in the filming of this incident, though a handbill was posted on local lightpoles at nearly the same time reporting a lost black labrador puppy answering to the name Coco.

Mrs. Dub said...

if she's your "friend", does that mean i'm she's my daughter?

whatever you call it, i did not get a cupcake, and we've been friends/daughters for 15 years!

hilari said...

i'm glad you liked your cupcake. i have a slightly unhealthy obsession with them. they make me unhealthy and i am obsessed.

friend or mother, i love you just the same.

brookegfunk said...

SPRINKLES HALLOWED BE THY NAME...That same freind who happens to be my sister brought me one and I might give you a run for your money in competitive cupcake eating.
Ps you are wonderful and we love you!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

So is it worth all the hype I hear about sprinkles? Really? I'd like an in depth report here! haha Seriously that looked delicious.