Shakin' it up a bit ...

So ... I thought I'd try something new with the arrangement of the furniture in my family room. (I have been a furniture re-arranger from waaaaay back. I have actually cut back on it since we moved into this house.) So this time around I took all of the furniture and ... smushed it into the kitchen.

How do you like it?

Truth be told, I had the carpet cleaned today. And the blue print chairs. And I am having a baby shower here on Saturday, so you pretty much know that I was not self motivated into organization and spit-polish.

And my whole house smells like chemically produced citrus.

And I did lay down and read a magazine on the love seat (on the left above) in that very position and found it quite delightful.

Thank you Chelsea for having a baby before my carpets self-destructed.

And my blue print chairs.
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Ginny said...

But you forgot to tell us what's in those cool pink bags on the island.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

and thank you girl friend for always being so generous in showering my girls with love!!!

Stephanie said...

i hope tony did a good job! let me know if he didn't.

Mary said...

Tony did a fabulous job. I was just a tad embarassed that there was such a fabulous job to be done. But seriously ... it's a different color!

Beatrice said...

Your home furniture is so stylish, I like it.