Bugs in my Brain

So ... it's time for another True Confession. Number Five, I think .... but honestly who is counting? So here goes:

I am really ... really .... fickle.

I change my mind about things about as often as I change my clothes. For instance ... I change my mind about the style of clothes I like. And then I think that I will never ... ever ... again go back to my prior way of thinking. And I don't.

For about a week and a half.

This applies to particularly to styles in decorating and sewing. Right around Christmas time I always get the bug to simplify, simplify, simplify. After removing the decorations I remove all other ... frou frou ... and vow to never again adorn my home with a ruffle. Until I see a really ... really ... attractive ruffle and then I am all about ruffles.

About two weeks before Christmas this year, I went even further. I resolved that in 2008, I would do little or no sewing. I convinced myself that I was spending way too much time (not to mention money) on something that was not solving the ills of the world ... or my family. I actually stuck with this one a tad longer than usual. I breathed a sigh of relief when no one gave me sewing-related gifts. I threw away any JoAnn's coupons that came my way and opened nary a quilting book or a magazine for quite some time.

Until I remembered that I needed to have a sample of a project for the February meeting of Grandma's Club, to show at yesterday's meeting. I mumbled under my breath at the obligation of it all ... because remember .... I was not going to enjoy sewing in 2008. While blinking through some blogs I came across this lovely free pattern for this lovely little quilt on this very lovely blog. I gingerly ventured into the sewing room to pick out fabrics for the sample. I breathed in the heavenly scent of my Bernina. I layed out a dozen fabrics on the table and may or may not have been in some kind of a trance.

I don't know when the last time was that I enjoyed a project so much. I loved the cutting and the piecing and the quilting and the binding. The fact that I did all of those things in the short span of a few hours just increased the euphoria. I removed the 2008 ban (although I am still trying to cut down on the spending part ... or I was trying ... until yesterday ... and today.)

So tell me, please ... Is anyone else as fickle as me? Do some people actually choose a style and stick with it ... always?

And I really ... really ... need to let PDaddy know that my fickle ways do not apply to him.

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P Daddy said...

Oh, I hate these fickle moods!! Even if I love the little quilts! With all the resolutions already turned on their heads, this probably means I have to go back to wearing pants in the family room.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I absolutly LOVE that quilt. (although I think a ruffle around the edge would be darling)((oh,and how about dingle balls over the ruffle!!!!!)) I have got to say that a wold without the talented simplehappy sewer would be very dull indeed. The colors, well, really the whole combination of this quilt just make me smile. Cuddos my friend!!!PS and many humble thanks to pdaddy for his VERY kind discriptions of my fabulous family, although VERY hard to live up to. We all love you guys!!!!!PSS I don't feel like I get very fickle about things, just wierd and tormented.

chelsea said...

I too love that quilt! I'm fickle about everything. In fact I'm so fickle that I can't pick out any home decor without the approval/blessing of at least two sisters and my mom... who cares what Dusty says.

Angy said...

i think this might be my favorite quilt yet! seriously, that is super cute!!!

brooke gfunk said...

If you arent fickle you arent changing and evolving. Somethings I love as much or more as the day I got them(like my hubz and fiestaware)- others Im happy to do without(like a lame color block rug) - when you ya stop wanting to try a new look or do something new then Ill worry. Think about Menudo they change all the time!