My Big Fat Brown Couch

So ... don't be confused ... the above pictured room is of my old family room from my AZ home. I show you this picture (again) because I want you to understand that it was a very large room with a very high ceiling and over the years I picked out furniture for it that was also very large ... one might even say ... massive.

When I first saw my current CA home, I knew the family room was smaller and that furniture placement would be tighter, but I somehow thought I would still fit all the pieces in until Mrs. Gee gently pointed out to me that I was certifiably crazy and that if I were to put all that furniture in the room, not one square inch of floor would show and I would have to step on the coffee table to get to the couch.

So ... I sold the coffee table and the love seat and innocently planned to place the rest of the furniture rather loosely in my new family room. Annnnnd ... that wasn't happening either. Mrs. Gee and I tried every option possible and could not ... I repeat could NOT ... get both of the large blue and white chairs in the room together. So now the very nice man who did all my painting is the proud owner of my other blue and white chair.

As time goes by, and I replace the couch, it will be something more appropriately proportioned for the room. In the meantime, when you look in the dictionary under the word "cozy", you will see these pictures. And if I were in the pictures, I'd be smiling because I love my new ... cozy ... family room.

In other non-furniture related news: I have California plates on my car!!

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PamKittyMorning said...

Yeah, CA plates!!!
Moving is so hard.. the thought scares me, packing up all this stuff. Or sorting and dontating and then packing up much less stuff. Wait, that actually sounds good. I love all the photos.. is it sunny there, stormy here today.

Angy said...

I'm loving your new family room! It really does look so cozy and as if you've been there forever.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

It looks fabulous!!!! XOXO