~ Ahoy Maties ~

So ... it's probably weird and ironic that in my new home, where the choices are mine alone, I have chosen to have a somewhat masculine bedroom. This in light of the fact that for 35 years, PDaddy sweetly and silently retired for the evening surrounded by a certain abundance of frou frou. In my new home, I've chosen to give it a sea going theme, with crisp colors and stripes, masted vessels and sea captains/pirates.

Rrrrrrrr ....

I will say that I was rewarded for my efforts this weekend when L'il Mr. Gee came to spend the night and was entertained for hours by the pirates and their nesting ways.
I am really enjoying the very beige-ish walls (a previous color that I kept) which highlight the colors so differently than white. The bed you may recognize from my guest room in AZ and the wall decor from my guest bathroom. Let's face it ... I'm a girl who likes to mix it up. (Not to mention the fact that my window-filled bedroom would never have fit my king-sized bed.)
Do you think I'm weird? (On second thought ... don't answer that.)
(Is anyone else out there having troubles blogging straight from Picasa? Suddenly it won't upload the pictures that way and it's driving me crazy! Blogging straight from Blogger has never worked well for me. Help.)


ginny said...

Having seen it in person, I think you're overselling the masculine aspect of that room. There's a big floral chair in one corner, for heaven's sake. But it is a LOVELY room, I'll give you that.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I LOVE that color of beige! that is exactly what I have wanted to paint all of these brown walls with! I will have to copy your paint chip when I come visit you. XO