Oh Scrap!

So ... I just may have had a major epiphany today. I figured out that I brought way too much stuff with me (oh reaaaaallly)and that some of it ... simply had to be thrown away. (Hoarders? I do believe we can cancel that appointment.) The unpacking and arranging has come down to one last room. One last eensy beensy (8' x 8' if we're lucky) room. This room houses my studio and my office which in my old home were two separate rooms, each of which was at least a third larger than this one. Do the math ... it leaves a ginormous remainder.

The problem is the fabric. Waaaaaay too much fabric. I had really, really hoped to house it in this one room without some separate bin randomly in the garage (two flights down.) As I folded and placed each piece of fabric, I swear to you I weeded out. A lot. But alas, there was still not room for the odds and ends categories. And then came the epiphany: Perhaps ... just perhaps ... if I threw away the two full plastic drawer thingies full of scraps (see top picture) that I could make this thing work. You probably think I was an idiot for even attempting to move them in the first place and I'm thinking ... uhhh, yeah. But once I emptied them into a trash bag and said my good byes, it was absolutely invigorating.

Add to that the fact that I made primo use out of a relatively small closet and I am pleased as punch. I may deserve a medal. Who gives out that kind of medal?

What you are looking at here is the top part of my office filing system. I am well aware that once I pull a single piece out, the whole thing could come tumbling down, but I don't care. I had the guts to throw away my scraps (which I actually did use with regularity, but not at a greater rate than I accumulated them) and my fabric is all in one room.

Now ... bring on the awards. It's a really good week for that in Southern California.

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Ginger said...

I'm going through the same thing right now, although I am trying to do it pre-move. I actually packed up several boxes of fabric, but then realized I didn't want to take that much with us, so I'm going to unpack more of it. Hoping to have friends come and take it all off my hands soon. :-)

ginny said...

Love the fabric in the bookshelf. Not so much loving the fact that you took your scraps with you (I've seen them and they really are scraps), but proud that you decided to get rid of them. Can't wait to see the completed room.